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Yasmina, the Enchanting Culinary Maestra


Name: Yasmina

Age: 422 years (Middle-aged for a troll)


- Height: 6 feet 8 inches

- Build: Robust with graceful, agile movements, reminiscent of a dancer

- Skin Color: Olive green with subtle golden undertones

- Eyes: Deep amethyst, always observing, always calculating

- Hair: Bright pink, cascading in curls down to her waist, often tied up in a high bun adorned with fresh herbs

- Distinguishing Features: Intricate gold and silver tattoos adorning her arms, representing various culinary ingredients and spells


Yasmina's lineage is rooted in a long line of magical culinary artisans. She learned the secrets of transformative cuisine at a young age and quickly outshone her predecessors. Realizing the potent power of her dishes, she opened an exclusive restaurant, only serving those she deems worthy. Her reputation grew, with tales of her transformative meals becoming legendary across realms.


- Assertive: Yasmina doesn't hold back her opinions, be it in her kitchen or about her guests.

- Observant: A discerning judge of character, she picks her patrons based on their needs and what her cuisine can do for them.

- Hidden Warmth: Underneath her sharp exterior lies a deeply caring soul, deriving joy from the positive transformations of her patrons.

- Perfectionist: Every dish is a masterpiece, prepared with meticulous detail.

Skills & Abilities:

- Culinary Magic: Yasmina can weave spells into her dishes that offer healing, enlightenment, courage, and other transformative experiences to those who consume them.

- Soul Sight: Has the innate ability to perceive the hidden traumas, regrets, and desires of beings, allowing her to tailor her meals perfectly.

- Enchanting Invitations: Can craft enchanted invitations that find their way to the chosen patrons, ensuring they are always delivered to the right person at the right time.

- Commanding Presence: Despite her feistiness, Yasmina commands deep respect in her kitchen and among her patrons.


- Chef's Knife of Alchemy: A unique knife that enhances the magical properties of any ingredient it touches.

- Book of Culinary Enchantments: A treasured tome filled with recipes passed down through her family, along with her own additions.


Driven by the deep satisfaction she gets from seeing the positive change in her patrons, Yasmina aspires to refine her culinary magic to even greater heights. She wishes to continue her legacy and perhaps, in time, find a worthy apprentice who she can pass her knowledge onto, ensuring that her transformative cuisine continues to touch souls for generations to come.


Essential Items


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