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Graahl: The Goblin of Discord

In the murky shadows of the Swamplands that fringe the realms of Troalstone, lurks a figure whose very essence is woven with strands of vengeance and malice. Meet Graahl, a goblin whose life mission is sown not with the protection of elements, but with the seeds of disruption and chaos. Graahl's tale is one of wrath, cunning, and a relentless vendetta against the trolls of Troalstone.

An Unwelcome Presence

Graahl the goblin with a menacing sneer
Graahl the angry goblin

Age: At 96 years, Graahl is considered young for his kind, yet his youthful vigor is channeled into schemes and plots rather than growth or wisdom.

The Embodiment of the Swamp: Standing at 4 feet 2 inches, Graahl's compact and sinewy form is a testament to his life in the shadows. His skin, a unique blend of swamp olive and mustard yellow, mirrors the murky waters he calls home. His eyes, burnt amber with slitted pupils, gleam with malice and deceit.

A Visage of Vengeance: Graahl's appearance, marked by a prominent overbite, jagged teeth, and a crooked nose, is as menacing as his intentions. Piercings adorn his ears and lower lip, adding to his fearsome demeanor.

The Heart of Malice

Graahl's personality is a dark tapestry of malice and cunning, woven with threads of vindictiveness and deception. His temperament is volatile, a quick-tempered and scheming mind always plotting the next move in his vendetta against the trolls.

Master of Poisons and Shadows

Graahl's magical prowess lies in his ability to craft potent poisons from the flora and fauna of the swamp, a skill he wields with precision and cruelty. His secondary ability, stealth, allows him to move unseen, a whisper in the darkness waiting to strike. Yet, his obsession with revenge often blinds him to the consequences of his actions, a weakness that could be his undoing.

A Vendetta Born of Loss

Once a member of a tribe ousted by the trolls, Graahl's life is a testament to the fires of vengeance that burn within him. His sole motivation is to exact revenge and reclaim the lands lost to his people. His greatest fear is not death, but the possibility of his vendetta being forgotten or the trolls gaining further dominance over the goblins.

Allies and Adversaries

In his quest for retribution, Graahl finds camaraderie among outcasts and those who share his resentment towards the trolls. Yet, his enemies are many, primarily the trolls of Troalstone and their sympathizers. To the indifferent denizens of the Swamplands, he remains a shadow, a discordant note in the symphony of the swamp.

The Embodiment of Conflict

Graahl's role as the antagonist in the story of Troalstone is clear. His every action is aimed at undermining the trolls, yet he faces the challenge of rallying forces formidable enough to enact his plans. Despite his outward disdain, Graahl harbors a secret admiration for the trolls' strength and unity, a complex sentiment that adds depth to his character.

A Mind Sharpened by Bitterness

Graahl's habits and quirks, like his constant chewing on bitter roots, are reflective of his sharp mind and bitter heart. Armed with a blowpipe and an array of knives, he is a formidable adversary, versed in the lore of the Swamplands which he uses to navigate and manipulate his surroundings.

Graahl's story is a dark thread in the tapestry of Troalstone, a reminder of the complexities of vendetta and the depths to which one can fall in pursuit of vengeance. As we delve deeper into the murky waters of his existence, we find a creature driven by revenge, yet bound by an admiration for the very strength he seeks to destroy. Join us as we explore the shadows cast by Graahl, the goblin of discord, and the ripples he creates in the tranquil waters of Troalstone.


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