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Ember of the Soot Sisters


Name: Ember

Age: 167

Species: Troll of the Troalkind

Role: Vital member of the Soot Sisters, specializing in quelling and pacifying fires.


- Height: 5 feet 9 inches

- Build: Sturdy with a gentle presence.

- Skin Color: Burnt purplish hue with patches of luminescence.

- Hair: A wild, tangled mane intertwined with twigs, moss, and the occasional sparkling ember.

- Eyes: Deep and soulful, reflecting the smoldering coals of a tamed fire.

- Distinguishing Features: Faint scars from past fires, showcasing her dedication and bravery. Her hands glow subtly, reminiscent of dying embers.


- Strengths: Empathetic, wise, intuitive, and the emotional anchor for the Soot Sisters.

- Weaknesses: Sometimes struggles with assertiveness, placing others' needs before her own.

- Likes: The peaceful aftermath of a tamed fire, the chirping of nocturnal creatures, and moments of silent reflection.

- Dislikes: Chaotic and uncontrolled fires, destruction of habitats, and disharmony among her sisters.


Ember's role among the Soot Sisters is vital, yet often goes unnoticed. While fires rage and dance, it's her calming presence and ability that allows for containment and eventual extinguishing. She feels every flicker and flame deeply, treating each fire as a living entity needing understanding and care.

Skills & Abilities:

- Fire Calming: Ember can soothe and pacify fires, causing them to reduce in intensity or even extinguish altogether.

- Thermal Empathy: She can "feel" the emotional state of fires and uses this unique connection to negotiate with them.

- Guidance and Wisdom: With her rich experiences and deep reflections, Ember often provides advice and insights to her sisters and others in need.

- Natural Affinity: Due to her intimate bond with nature, Ember can call upon the elements to assist her. She often uses water and earth magic in conjunction with her fire abilities.


Ember shares a profound bond with her fellow Soot Sisters. They see her as their guiding light, often turning to her during their most challenging moments. Smokie, in particular, has a special connection with Ember, with the two complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Current Goal:

While her primary focus remains on maintaining the balance of fire within the forests, Ember also wishes to cultivate deeper connections with all elements of nature. She believes that by understanding and harmonizing with all elements, the Soot Sisters can achieve even greater feats of balance and preservation.


Essential Items


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