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Unveil Your Inner Artist 

with Blind Countour Drawing Creative Practice Routine

Discover the transformative power of blind contour drawing, an artistic exercise that enhances your observational skills, nurtures your creative instincts and rewires your brain for innovative thinking.  Join Phrankie, a dedicated color pencil artist and storyteller, as she guides you through the whimsical world of the Troalkind, using this simple yet profound drawing technique to unlock new levels of creativity.  

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Presented by Phrankie B,
Color pencil artist

Meet Phrankie: Your Artistic Maverick & Creative Conductor

Dive into the realm of whimsy and wisdom with Phrankie, a maestro of color pencils and the architect of the Troalkind universe.  With a stroke of genius and dash of charm, she transforms blank pages into battlegrounds where creativity and cognitive prowess flourish.  As a sage of storytelling and virtuoso of the visual arts, Phrankie doesn't just teach you to draw - she guides you to unlock the sagas hidden in your mind's eye.  Ready your pencils and unfurl your imagination, for you're about to embark on an artistic odyssey that promises to be as enlightening as it is delightful.

In this workshop you will experience

Explore the fascinating science that explains why blind contour drawing is more than just an art practice - it's a brain workout.  Read about how this technique engages the right hemisphere of your brain, fostering creative problem-solving and emotional well-being.

Workshop Downloads

  • The Science of Creativity Handout:  Delve deeper into the cognitive benefits with this informative resource

  • Blind Contour Drawing Guide:  A printable guide to help you get started and perfect your practice

  • 30-Day Challenge Calendar:  Commit to a month of creativity with daily prompts inspired by the Troalkind series

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