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Troalkind - Art Book

Troalkind - Art Book


Troalkind: The Revealing Stories of the Protectors of the Natural World


Embark on a fantastical journey with "Troalkind," a captivating art book that unveils the guardianship of the natural world through the eyes of its most enigmatic protectors. With 15 color pencil-drawn characters, each page of this 8x8 tome brings to life the unique personalities and adventures of the Troalkind. As protectors of Troalstone, these characters are not just keepers of their environment, but also warriors, healers, and scholars, each with a story that is as engaging and varied as nature itself.


In this collection of short stories, readers will explore lush landscapes and intricate ecosystems that are as vital as they are vulnerable, all through the experiences and challenges faced by the Troalkind. From the whispering forests to the echoing caves, "Troalkind" is not just an art book—it's a gateway to a world where the line between the mundane and the mythical blurs, where each character's tale weaves into the larger tapestry of an enthralling narrative that celebrates the diversity and wonder of the natural world.

  • Book Details

    • Medium: Color Pencil Illustrations
    • Pages: 48
    • Dimensions: 8x8 inches
    • Binding: Softcover
  • Highlights

    • Vivid Character Portraits: Fifteen stunningly detailed color pencil illustrations bring the diverse cast of Troalkind to life.
    • Immersive Storytelling: Each character is featured in their own short story, presenting an intimate look at their roles and adventures in Troalstone.
    • Environmental Themes: Explores the importance of nature's preservation through the engaging lens of fantasy.
    • A Unique World: Delve into the culture, geography, and mythology of Troalstone, a place as complex and mysterious as its inhabitants.
  • Ideal for

    • Fantasy and art enthusiasts drawn to character-rich narratives
    • Readers who appreciate environmental themes interwoven with storytelling
    • Collectors seeking unique, finely-crafted art books
    • Anyone looking to be transported to a world that champions the splendor and sanctity of the natural environment
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