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The Unusual Ones - Story Pack

The Unusual Ones - Story Pack


The Adventurous - Story Pack

Immerse yourself in the vivid lives of the Troalkind with the "Troalkind Tales - The Story Pack," a collection that brings you closer to the fascinating individuals of a world parallel yet akin to our own. This glossy story pack is printed on premium 100 lb. paper, reflecting the vibrancy of the lives it unfolds. Within its pages, you'll encounter four distinct beings: Meladonis the dancer, Kym the escape artist, Grum'Bel the gamer, and Renn the exhiled.

Each narrative is a short story giving you a glimpse into their adventures, trials, and emotions, highlighting the universal threads that bind all sentient beings. From Kym's heart-pounding escapades to Meladonis' untamed elemental dances; from Grum'Bel's ninja gaming moves to Renn's fierce struggle for acceptance, these stories transcend the ordinary and portray a rich tapestry of character, conflict, and courage.



  • Story Pack Includes: Four captivating short stories featuring Meladonis, Kym, Grum'Bel, and Renn.
  • Quality: Each story is printed on glossy, thick 100 lb. paper, making every page turn a pleasure and every illustration a feast for the eyes.
  • Artwork: Collectible art that brings each character to life, complementing the rich storytelling.
  • Insightful Journeys: Delve deep into the hearts and minds of each character, exploring their world and finding the echoes of our own within it.


  • Additional Info:

    Additional Information:

    • Packaging: Carefully crafted to ensure the stories arrive in pristine condition.
    • Dimensions: 8.5x 5.5 inche dimensions that make the story pack easy to carry, share, and treasure.
    • Ideal for: Fans of fantasy and character lore, lovers of short stories, and collectors of unique art and narrative pieces.


    Embrace the essence of the Troalkind with this story pack, a perfect addition for those who cherish the allure of fantasy and the exploration of characters rich with personality and depth. It's not just a collection of stories; it's a gateway to empathy and adventure, a reflection of our shared tales in the guise of the mythical.

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