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Sunrise - Art Book

Sunrise - Art Book


Sunrise, Leaving Darkness Behind


Step into the shadows with "Sunrise, Leaving Darkness Behind," an evocative journey of Madeleine, a vampire unlike any other. Blinded not just by her nature but also her condition, Madeleine navigates a world veiled in perpetual darkness, wrestling with her primal instincts and yearning for a speck of light in her eternal night. This artfully crafted narrative by Phrankie explores the confines of darkness and the quest for redemption, illustrated with over 10 original art pieces that capture the essence of Madeleine's struggle and resilience.


In a twist of fate, Madeleine's path crosses with a vampire hunter, her potential ender, yet possibly her only chance to showcase the sliver of humanity that still flickers within her heart. "Sunrise, Leaving Darkness Behind" delves deep into themes of understanding, redemption, and the blurred lines between monster and hero. Will Madeleine's encounter in her final hours illuminate a new dawn, or will it reinforce the eternal divide between humans and vampires? Dive into this captivating tale that challenges the darkness with a hope for sunrise.


  • Book Details

    • Medium: Color Pencil and Mixed Media
    • Pages: 56
    • Dimensions: 8x8 inches
    • Binding: Softcover
    • Language: English
  • Highlights

    • Striking Visuals: Over 10 original illustrations that bring Madeleine's poignant story to life, blending darkness with glimpses of light.
    • Deep, Thoughtful Narrative: A tale that goes beyond the supernatural to explore the essence of humanity and the power of understanding.
    • Unique Perspective: Experience the world through the eyes of a blind vampire, offering a fresh take on the vampire lore.
    • Themes of Redemption: A story that weaves together the complexities of existence, the hunger for light in darkness, and the quest for a second chance.
  • Ideal for

    • Fans of supernatural and fantasy stories seeking depth and originality
    • Art and book collectors looking for unique narrative-driven artwork
    • Readers in search of stories that explore the nuances of good versus evil
    • Anyone who appreciates a tale of struggle, redemption, and the quest for understanding across the divide of darkness and light
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