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Spark - Art Print

Spark - Art Print


Spark - The Fierce Flame of the Forest Art Print


Unveiling "Spark - The Fierce Flame of the Forest," an art print that captures the essence of the Troalkind's spirited defender. At 238 years young, Spark's portrait is a vibrant blend of her light, freckled skin, and the untamed, bright red hair that frames her adventurous spirit. This 5x7 artwork, surrounded by an 8x10 matte frame, is a tribute to her wiry build and the fiery energy that radiates from her very being.


Spark's green eyes glisten with mischief and mirth, mirroring the verdant forests she protects. Her distinctive leather jacket, etched with symbols of nature, and trackless boots are immortalized in print, showcasing her readiness to leap into action. Every freckle and smolder of flame speaks of her reckless yet quick-witted nature, an extroverted soul driven by a relentless passion for adventure.


The art print not only illustrates Spark's elemental fire manipulation, with dancing flames at her fingertips, but also her innate connection to the forest's whisper, reflecting her deep bond with nature. Displayed within your space, Spark serves as an emblem of wild freedom and the untamable, courageous heart of the Troalkind.

  • Additional Info:

    • Print Quality: Brilliant, high-resolution imagery that captures Spark’s vibrant essence
    • Frame: 8x10 matte frame, meticulously chosen to accentuate the artwork's fiery palette
    • Artwork Dimensions: 5x7 inches (artwork), 8x10 inches (with matte frame)
    • Shipping: Packaged with special care to ensure Spark's journey to you mirrors her own unscathed path through the forest
    • Availability: Specially curated for collectors and enthusiasts of fiery spirits and defenders of nature
    • Ideal For: Fans of dynamic and impulsive characters, lovers of nature-themed fantasy, and admirers of bold and lively art

    Let this art print of Spark ignite your imagination and invigorate your home with her fierce dedication to protecting the wilderness and her thrilling exploits within it.

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