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Lucky - Art Print

Lucky - Art Print


Lucky - The Charmed Voyager Art Print


Introducing "Lucky - The Charmed Voyager," an art print that embodies the heart of adventure and the soul of resilience. At 356 years, Lucky stands stout and sturdy, his muscular build a testament to a life rich with daring exploits. This 5x7 art piece, encased in an 8x10 matte frame, celebrates his weathered stone-gray skin and the silver-blue hair that whispers tales of storms weathered and battles won.


Lucky's golden amber eyes, always alight with a spark of mirth, peer out from the print, perceptive and sharp, reflecting his remarkable optimism and quick-witted spirit. His distinguishing feature, a missing left arm adorned with trinkets and talismans, narrates his journey through charms and amulets, each a chapter of his storied past.


Rendered on premium 100 lb paper, the print captures the essence of Lucky's magic—his extraordinary ability to conjure good fortune and the foresight that guides him through the thickest of mists. It is not just a portrait, but a symbol of the humor and calm he maintains, even when the winds are against him.

  • Additional Info:

    • Print Quality: Exquisite, high-definition print detailing Lucky's rugged charm and collected tokens of fortune
    • Frame: 8x10 matte frame, thoughtfully chosen to complement the mystical and earthy tones of the artwork
    • Artwork Dimensions: 5x7 inches (artwork), 8x10 inches (with matte frame)
    • Shipping: Ensured protective packaging for a safe journey to your doorstep
    • Availability: A valuable addition for admirers of the Troalkind and collectors of legendary tales
    • Ideal For: Enthusiasts of mythic adventures, seekers of hope and inspiration, and fans of trolls who embody undying courage and humor

    Adorn your walls with Lucky's image and let his legacy of hope, humor, and perpetual luck be a guiding force in your daily life, just as it has been for the Troalkind for generations.

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