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Kym - Art Print

Kym - Art Print


 Kym - The Sly Escape Artist Art Print


Introducing the "Kym - The Sly Escape Artist Art Print," a depiction of Troalstone's most clever and daring adventurer. At 151 years young, Kym, with her soft cerulean skin and agile build, is the embodiment of sprightliness and ingenuity. This striking 8x10 art piece, accentuated by an 11x14 matte frame, captures the essence of Kym's resourceful and quick-witted nature, celebrated on luxurious 100 lb paper.


Her gentle hazel eyes, lit with flecks of playful brilliance, and the large, expressive ears poised to catch the whispers of the wind, highlight her unique abilities to charm her way out of any predicament. Kym's hair, alive with its own sense of adventure, dances around her head, reflecting her free spirit and loving heart. Each line of this print illustrates her knack for turning even the most dire situations into exhilarating tales of escapism.


With her trusty bag of tools and Angel by her side, Kym has become a beloved figure among the Troalkind. Her adventures are not just escapades; they are narratives of loyalty, joy, and the boundless curiosity that propels her and Angel through life. The print tells a story of Kym's escapades, her role as a bringer of levity, and her unwavering drive to explore every nook of the world with her cherished companion.

  • Additional Info:

    • Print Quality: High-definition print that ensures the vibrant life of Kym leaps off the paper
    • Frame: 11x14 matte frame, selected to draw the eye and enhance the artistry of the piece
    • Artwork Dimensions: 8x10 inches (artwork), 11x14 inches (with matte frame)
    • Shipping: Prepared with utmost care to ensure the print arrives ready for display in perfect condition
    • Availability: Exclusive print offering for those who find kinship in Kym's tales of adventure and mischief
    • Ideal For: Fans of the Troalkind universe, lovers of fantasy and whimsy, and any who see life as a grand adventure

    Let Kym's art print serve as a beacon of creativity and courage in your space, a reminder of the adventures that lie in wait and the stories yet to be told.

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