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Grum'Bel - Art Print

Grum'Bel - Art Print


Grum’ble - The Stealthy Gamer Art Print


Discover "Grum’ble - The Stealthy Gamer," an art print that vividly brings to life the enigmatic troll who has carved a niche between the realms of humans and Troalkind. At 162 years old and in his prime, Grum’ble is the personification of the new age troll, his deep sea blue skin aglow with the reflection of his gaming screens, and red eyes focused with gamer's intent.


This 8x10 art print is a testament to Grum’ble’s slim, dexterous build and his competitive spirit, depicted with sharp precision on 100 lb paper. It’s housed in an 11x14 matte frame that intensifies his distinctive mohawk—each strand shimmering with the hues of virtual victories. His ears, forever tuned to the environment, highlight his readiness to delve into the gaming world or escape at the slightest hint of danger.


With a background draped in darkness, the print reflects Grum’ble's magical ability to blend into the shadows, a skill that serves his secret night-time sessions and gaming glories. His love for digital adventures and the thrill of the unseen championship radiates from the print, inviting viewers into a world where folklore and modernity collide with a mischievous grin.

  • Additional Info:

    • Print Quality: High-definition print that captures the glow of Grum’ble’s adventures
    • Frame: 11x14 matte frame, chosen to match Grum’ble’s mysterious aura and the vibrant energy of his character
    • Artwork Dimensions: 8x10 inches (artwork), 11x14 inches (with matte frame)
    • Shipping: Expertly packaged to ensure Grum’ble arrives in your lair without revealing his secrets
    • Availability: Limited edition print for those who appreciate the stealthy charm of gaming trolls
    • Ideal For: Gamers, fantasy enthusiasts, and collectors who delight in the union of tradition and technology

    Embrace Grum’ble’s quirky world with this art print, a homage to the stealth and cunning that defines the ultimate gamer. Let his story inspire your space, keeping the playful spirit of the night alive.

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