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Graahl - Art Print

Graahl - Art Print


Graahl - The Shadow of the Swamplands Art Print


"Graahl - The Shadow of the Swamplands" is an art print that delves into the darker corners of the fantasy realm, featuring the goblin whose life is a testament to vengeance and survival. Standing 4 feet 2 inches tall, Graahl's compact and sinewy form is a symbol of his stealthy and scheming nature. This 5x7 print, accentuated by an 8x10 matte frame, captures his swamp olive skin, infused with mustard yellow undertones, reflecting his murky habitat.


Graahl's burnt amber eyes, with their slitted pupils, gleam with malice and cunning, while his prominent overbite and jagged teeth unveil his capacity for disruption. The piercing in his ears and lower lip, along with his crooked nose, add to his distinctive appearance, highlighting a character wrought from the depths of the Swamplands.


Rendered on a canvas of 100 lb paper, the art print brings to life Graahl's expertise in poison crafting, with herbs and creatures of the swamp at his fingertips, and his ability to move like a whisper through the shadows. It's a portrayal not just of a figure but of a force to be reckoned with, embodying the animosity lurking at the fringes of Troalstone.

  • Additional Info:

    • Print Quality: High-resolution printing that vividly depicts Graahl's features
    • Frame: 8x10 matte frame, chosen to enhance the intrigue and depth of the character's representation
    • Artwork Dimensions: 5x7 inches (artwork), 8x10 inches (with matte frame)
    • Shipping: Securely packaged to ensure the art print arrives as stealthily as Graahl himself
    • Availability: A compelling piece for those fascinated by the complexity of fantasy antagonists
    • Ideal For: Fans of goblin lore, admirers of cunning and revenge-driven characters, and collectors of dark fantasy art

    Adorn your collection with the art print of Graahl, and let the allure of the Swamplands and its shadowy inhabitants add a touch of mystery and depth to your space.

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