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Smokie, One of the Soot Sisters


Name: Smokie

Age: 153 (in her prime for a troll)

Species: Troll of the Troalkind

Role: Key member of the Soot Sisters, caretakers and controllers of forest fires


- Height: 6 feet 2 inches

- Build: Lean and agile, built for speed and quick maneuvering amidst the flames.

- Skin Color: Ashen gray with streaks of charcoal black.

- Hair: Flowing locks that resemble wafts of smoke, ranging from deep gray to translucent white.

- Eyes: Fiery orange-red, mirroring the blaze she tends.

- Distinguishing Features: Smears of soot tattoo-like patterns across her arms and face, showcasing her battles against the fires.


- Strengths: Optimistic, team-player, quick thinker, and possesses a deep understanding of fire and its behavior.

- Weaknesses: Sometimes too playful, risking slight escalations before she reigns in the fires. Occasionally acts before thinking due to her spontaneous nature.

- Likes: The warmth of controlled fires, the camaraderie of her sisters, the smell of fresh smoke, and the dance of embers.

- Dislikes: Uncontrolled devastation, carelessness with fire among humans and creatures alike, and rainy days.


Smokie, alongside her sisters in the Soot Sisters collective, has been an essential force in balancing the ecosystems of various forests. While fire is seen as a destroyer, it is also a vital element in forest regeneration, clearing out the old to make way for the new. Smokie's specialty lies in her ability to control and manipulate smoke, using it as a tool to both communicate and divert the path of a fire.

Skills & Abilities:

- Smoke Manipulation: Smokie can gather, direct, and shape smoke, making it dense or thin as required.

- Fire Communication: She has an innate connection with fire, sensing its needs, intentions, and path.

- Swift Movement: Built for speed, Smokie can dart between flames, getting to critical points in record time.

- Team Coordination: Being a natural leader and team player, Smokie can coordinate with her sisters seamlessly to control fires.


Smokie has a deep bond with her fellow Soot Sisters. Each sister has a unique ability related to fire, and they have perfected their teamwork over the decades. While Smokie might be the face of the group due to her spirited nature, she relies heavily on her sisters to ensure the safety and balance of the forest.

Current Goal:

To educate the beings of the forest, and maybe even the curious humans, about the role of fire in nature. She hopes that through understanding, there can be a respect and reverence for the power of flames and the balance they bring.


Essential Items


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