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Selene Mirewood


Name: Selene Mirewood

Age: 32


- Height: 5'7"

- Hair: Auburn, wavy, and cascading down to the middle of her back.

- Eyes: Hazel with golden flecks that shimmer when she's particularly intrigued.

- Attire: Often wears long, flowing dresses in earthen tones, adorned with subtle silver embroidery. Around her neck, she always has a pendant—a miniature silver quill.


Selene is the last descendant of the ancient Mirewood lineage, a family once known for its vast knowledge of myths, legends, and the arcane. With the decline of the Mirewood family's prominence over the generations, their vast library of magical and mythological texts was left in Selene's care.

She grew up surrounded by stories of fantastical creatures, brave heroes, and mysterious realms. Instead of hiding away the knowledge, Selene decided to share it with the world. She became a storyteller, an interviewer of the myriad magical beings that populated the legends of old.


- Curious: Selene's inquisitiveness knows no bounds. She has a natural talent for asking the right questions that delve deep into the core of her subjects.

- Empathetic: She possesses a genuine interest in her interviewees, often forging unexpected connections with them.

- Resilient: Even when faced with creatures that might intimidate others, Selene stands her ground, fueled by her passion for truth and storytelling.

- Resourceful: Having grown up among the Mirewood texts, she has a knack for drawing on little-known legends or tales to relate to her interview subjects.


- Arcane Knowledge: Thanks to her lineage and upbringing, Selene is well-versed in magical lore, allowing her to connect with a wide range of mystical beings.

- Linguist: She's proficient in several ancient and magical languages, often surprising her guests by addressing them in their native tongue.

- Charm Magic: While not a formidable mage, Selene can cast minor spells, mainly to put her interviewees at ease or protect herself if necessary.


- The Mirewood Tome: A leather-bound book passed down through generations. It contains records of her family's interviews, magical creatures, and mysterious events. She often refers to it for research.

- Silver Quill Pendant: Besides being a family heirloom, the pendant can transform into a full-sized quill which she uses to jot down notes during interviews.


She runs a podcast where she interviews magical beings. Named "Echoes of the Arcane: Conversations from Beyond the Veil"

Description: Delve into the mysteries of ancient legends and the arcane as Selene Mirewood, the last descendant of the Mirewood lineage, brings you face-to-face with beings from realms untold. From trolls guarding the heart of nature to ethereal spirits of forgotten lore, journey with Selene as she unravels tales from beyond the veil, echoing the magic of yesteryears into our world today. Dive deep, listen close, and let the echoes of the arcane resonate with your soul.


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