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Grumble, the Gaming Troll


Name: Grumble

Age: 78 (young for a troll)

Species: Troll of the Troalkind


- Height: 5 feet 8 inches

- Build: Stocky, with muscular arms perfected for swift gaming reflexes.

- Skin Color: Rich cerulean blue, which helps him blend into the night.

- Hair: Electric green, wild and spiky. Often tangled with remnants of snacks he consumed during intense gaming sessions.

- Eyes: Amber, with an ever-present mischievous glint.

- Distinguishing Features: Fingers slightly stained with the colors of various game controllers. A small satchel hanging on his side, containing portable gaming gadgets and snacks.


- Strengths: Stealthy, quick reflexes, great problem-solving skills honed from hours of puzzle games, and a genuine curiosity for human digital creations.

- Weaknesses: Can become easily frustrated when he loses at a game, sometimes leaving a mess behind in his gaming fervor. Prone to being distracted by shiny new game titles.

- Likes: Video games (especially retro arcade games), midnight snacks, the soft hum of a console, and the thrill of unlocking achievements.

- Dislikes: Low battery warnings, glitchy games, and when humans change their Wi-Fi passwords.


Grumble hails from a region of Troalstone where trolls don't quite understand his obsession with human digital games. He discovered video games when he stumbled upon a discarded Gameboy in the woods. Enthralled by the pixelated magic, Grumble's nighttime escapades began. He would sneak into human homes, ever so silently, to immerse himself in the digital worlds until the first rays of dawn. He's particularly fond of homes with the latest gaming setups and has a soft spot for retro arcade games.

Skills & Abilities:

- Stealth: Grumble can move soundlessly, ensuring he's never caught during his gaming adventures.

- Tech-savviness: Over time, Grumble has picked up the knowledge to troubleshoot minor technical issues, ensuring his gaming session goes uninterrupted.

- Night Vision: Grumble's eyes have adapted to see clearly in the dark, allowing him to navigate human homes without turning on lights.


Though Grumble tends to be a loner in the troll world due to his unique obsession, he has unknowingly amassed a significant following in the human world. Many humans have caught glimpses of his gaming sessions on their security cameras and have shared the footage online, leading to widespread intrigue and amusement.

Current Goal:

To master every game he comes across and maybe, someday, find a way to communicate with humans about his passion without frightening them.


Essential Items


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