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Embracing Change: My Journey with a New Canvas

In the symphony of strokes and shades that dance across the canvas, every artist finds a rhythm that resonates with their innermost expressions. Yet, sometimes, the greatest revelations lie just beyond the edges of our comfort zones. Today, I want to share with you a recent experience that served as both a challenge and an awakening in my artistic journey.

troll drawing with pink hair
embracing change

A New Venture: Beyond the Black Canvas

For years, the black canvas has been the silent partner to my colored pencils, a familiar companion in the creation of the mystical Troalkind trolls. The dark backdrop has always been a foundation from which vibrant colors leap forth, creating contrast and depth in ways that felt innate to my creative process. But art, much like life, thrives on change and growth. And so, I dared to venture beyond the comfortable embrace of the black paper.

The Unfamiliar Terrain

The canvas this time was not white – it was a nuanced gray, a middle ground that challenged my entrenched habits. Accustomed to building values out of darkness, I now had to navigate a softer, subtler play of light and shadow. Each stroke of color had to be rethought, each layer of pencil reimagined. It was not just a shift in technique; it was a retraining of the artist's eye.

The Creation: A New Troalkind

As I adapted to this new canvas, a character began to take shape, embodying the essence of this transition. Unlike my typical trolls, this being bore a gentleness, a softness that seemed to be a mirror to the medium itself. Her eyes, reflective and deep, held a story untold, a name unspoken – a silent invitation to the viewers to dive into their own interpretations.

The Learning Curve

This journey was not without its trials. Each layer of color, each decision on value and contrast, was an exercise in patience and adaptability. There were moments of uncertainty, where the path forward seemed clouded and the familiar called out like a siren's song. But with each challenge came a new understanding, and with each adjustment, a new skill was forged.

The Outcome

In the end, what emerged on the canvas was more than a new character in my Troalkind universe; it was a reflection of growth, of the courage to step into the unknown. While the comfort of the black paper will always be there, this experience has broadened the horizons of my artistry.

The Invitation

As I share this new creation with you, without a story or a name, I invite you to join me in this celebration of change. May it inspire you to step beyond your own comfort zones, in art or in life. For it is in the space beyond the familiar that new stories await, eager to be told by the bold and the brave.

And to this unnamed guardian of a softer world, I pose a question to all of you: What name would you give her? What story does she whisper to you in the silent language of color and light?


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